Lookin’ great at EVERY age!  (even 60)
Do you enjoy your birthday each year?  Have you experienced one in particular that was especially difficult?  Each birthday for me was no big deal.  Just another number, I’d say.  Until I reached 50.  Uffda!  That was a tough one and I will admit I wasted 2 years of my life in a sort of depression.  Year 49 in anticipation of the looming “doom” of 50, and then the big year itself.  I struggled with the concept that I had reached my parents’ age.  This is the age I think of my parents, I was 30, and my children were preschool ages.  I still felt that age.  So, how on earth could I be that old??!!
Let’s skip ahead 10 years and now I am looking forward to reaching the age of 60 next week.  Woohoo!!  I am in a month long celebration cramming in some of my most favorite activities.  Spending time with my family is the top of the list, next is some self care rituals that I truly enjoy this time of year, and maybe a couple splurges because it is the big 6-0.  🙂
How do you feel about your age?  Does the number scare you?  I encourage you to embrace your age and appreciate that you experience it.  Recently losing my sister at the age of 58 is a reminder to live each day with joy and gusto.
I am feeling great at nearly 60 and you can too.  I truly believe the food we eat and the lifestyle choices we make have a profound impact on the quality of our lives.  I am feeling healthier and more energetic at 59/60 than I did at 30.  Honest!  And you can too!  
I have spoken with 2 people in the last couple weeks who have reversed the symptoms of diabetes with the food they eat.  They do NOT need insulin anymore!  Wow!  I have the program that will help you lose weight, release toxins, and have more energy.
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