yellow shirt expressive armsI’m a health & lifestyle coach and I’m here to show you how to have fun with food!

Let’s add some zest to your life by crowding out unhealthy foods and habits by adding tasty and healthy foods.

Health Coaching is a personal way to overcome challenges that modern fad diets and pills fail to bring lasting change and success at achieving healthy goals.

As a holistic health coach, I take an approach that is different from any other book or article you may read online. I look at the individual.

I focus on the principle that each and every one of us has a unique body,  which has its own individual needs to function at its best.

With this approach, you will learn how to love and care for your body. I won’t tell you that there is some magical book to follow with one size fits all rules and restrictions.

Those types of programs just don’t work!


Let’s add some panache’ to your life as I meet you where you are and guide you out of the overwhelm of media, diets, and contradictory information.

I will LISTEN to you and work with you to create and maintain a sustainable and healthy lifestyle. Are you looking for a change? I’m YOUR health coach to guide you through the transition!

  • I will help you discover the foods that help you feel great and ditch the ones that leave you feeling bloated, sluggish, and sick.
  • I don’t prescribe diets, and won’t tell you what to eat – or what not to eat.
  • I will introduce you to delicious recipes that will bring your body back to balance.
  • I work globally with clients via Skype, phone, 1:1 in person, and also group coaching
  • Email support between sessions

I work with you to bring peace into your life. This includes the whole YOU; your relationships, exercise & fitness, career, and spirituality. Finding peace and satisfaction in your body is important for You!

“Coaching you to live your authentic life with zest, panache, & peace”