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I’m Peggy Ennenga, CHHC, AADP, BSBA

I am a wellness coach, mom on a mission, health warrior, and a yoga lover.

My family is the center of my universe. I love life, I love food, and I love living! Welcome to my world!

Healthy living has always been a priority for me. It is more than a passion. It is my life. I incorporate healthy living into my family’s life. We have fun with food in the kitchen, at the grill, traveling, and eating out. I believe in setting a good example.


My story…..

I grew up in “small town USA” in Minnesota. I was the family “health nut” always reading and studying nutrition, foods, and fitness. I have been an entrepreneur since I was 12 and still am today. I brought my passion for a healthy lifestyle into my home as my hubby and I ran our businesses and raised our son and daughter.

I have struggled with migraine headaches, endometriosis, and an ulcer all before I was an adult. Add poor digestion and osteoporosis and I was a mess.

I began using Neo-Life supplements in my 30’s which was a huge improvement in my energy level and in not getting sick. As I approached the age of 50, I experienced anxiety around my perception that I was going to be “old”. As a perfectionist I struggled with any sign of aging.  I have since learned to embrace my age by finding my zest and energy for life, uncovering my panache and unique style, creating peace and joy in my daily life.

Nourishing my family with food and a healthy lifestyle has been a top priority for me. I struggled with menu planning, bringing my son back to good health, and maintaining a fitness routine.   I have tons of energy, don’t look my age (or act my age) 😉 and I feel great!

I get what if feels like to go through major transitions in life. The fears around moving to a new state, watching adult children start their own adventures in life, or frustration in choosing between a job or pursue my passion as a career.

I get the fear, frustration, and overwhelm! I have been stuck with perfection paralysis. I have felt completely depleted and not knowing where to begin with guilt-free self-care. I know the importance of relying on and trusting my intuition every day and also during challenging situations. I am a work in progress, learning and growing each day. Just like you!

I get it and this is why I am so passionate to teach you what I have struggled with and what I now teach to women just like you. I have been blessed with coaches and mentors in my life who have supported me in learning my unique gifts, the importance of gratitude, my purpose & direction, empowerment, confidence, self-acceptance, and self-care.

I am here to support you and ready to welcome you to my world. I look forward to coaching you to live YOUR authentic life with zest, panache, & peace.

Let’s get started! Contact me now for an initial consultation.