Be You All Ways & Lose Weight

Do you make choices to be included with the popular group?  Even if it doesn’t fit with your beliefs or interests?  Do you go along with the crowd even if in your gut you feel a tightness and you’re thinking “oh boy, this isn’t what I want to do”?

We have probably all been there at some time or another.  It starts in elementary school when we play with our classmates and don’t want to be left out.  

3 Tips to Be You All Ways & Lose Weight:

  1. Listen to your gut.  Truly listen and get to know your own body.  If you are asked to go dancing and you have 2 left feet, maybe that isn’t the activity for you.  Maybe a movie or a hike is more your style.  
  2. The latest fad diet or eating plan leaves you feeling sluggish or bloated.  Listen to your body and learn.
  3. Your exercise routine and diet 20 years ago gave you energy and ability to maintain a healthy weight.  It doesn’t work now.  Yes indeed, listen to your body – it changes as we age and we need to change our thinking and habits.
I encourage you to be you in all ways.  You will live with energy and peace.  
Tips: I am here to coach and support you on a life changing journey that begins with simple steps.   
Be You All Ways

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I am truly here to help you Feel Ageless, Be Ageless.
Coach Peggy