Recovery Tips for Your Last Summer Fling

Did you have so much fun this weekend?  Or maybe most of the summer?  I enjoyed an awesome vacation in August.  We relaxed, had fun and ate a variety of foods.

Tips for time away:

  • Drink lots of water.  I carried my water bottle and filled it often to insure I drank what I needed.  Benefits of staying hydrated include better digestion and not drinking sugary beverages.
  • Plan ahead.  I brought my protein powder with me to quickly mix prior to an early morning workout.  It’s not as tasty as my typical smoothies at home, but I started the day right.  I also planned my meals so that I wouldn’t make impulse choices.  I allowed flexibility to keep it fun and interesting.  
  • Walk, relax, have fun.  I mixed it up so that I had quiet time to read, enjoy the scenery AND participated in rafting on the river in Alaska.
Tips for returning home:
  • Allow for a recovery day to unpack, do laundry, mail, business tasks and errands.  AND to prepare a healthy meal.  I suggest a one pan meal.  We had pot roast that provided leftovers.  I am notorious for cramming too much in and not planning space for this.  What a difference!
  • Drink water and move the body.  Even though I was tired after a long travel day, I hopped on my elliptical machine and felt energized.  Water again, I know.  But it DOES make a help with digestion.
  • Eat cleansing foods.  Lots of fruits and veggies.  I’ll share a couple recipes in this post that are simple and tasty.
  • Reflect on your great experience.  Plan the next one.  One of the best ways to avoid the letdown from a vacation is to have the next one planned or in the works.
Chia Seeds are a powerhouse!  1 tablespoon of chia seeds provide 2 grams of Omega 3s, 2 gr protein, 4 gr fiber.
  • Digestion – insoluble fiber is like a broom in your intestines
  • Brain function – studies have shown cognitive function improves with omega 3s
  • Bones – chia seeds are especially high in minerals calcium, phosphorous and magnesium
  • Inflammation – reducing inflammation may improve blood pressure, blood sugar, and autoimmune diseases
  • Skin – antioxidants help protect against skin damage
Check out my yummy Chia Seed recipe for a real breakfast treat.
Now is the time to set your mind at ease.  I’m in your corner and here to help.  Learn how to eat real foods, on the go AND have more healthy energy at every age.
Contact me if you have questions or to get started right away.
I am here to help you learn what your body needs and what works for you to feel your best and have that Feel Ageless, Be Ageless glow.

chia pudding

Coach Peggy