Leaders Need Support Too

Who do you think of when you consider leaders?  The obvious answers are business owners, corporation executives, ministers, and politicians to name a few.  

Let’s take a closer look at the definition of leaders.  
Leader:  a guiding or directing head; person or thing that leads
Lead:  to go before or show the way; guide; influence

Now, let me ask you this.  Do you think leaders need support?  If they guide, direct, influence or show the way, do you think they know all the answers?  I don’t think so!  None of us knows everything.  

Let’s take the definition a bit further.  Do you consider yourself a leader?  Do you guide or lead your children or grandchildren?  Do you buy the groceries for yourself and family?  How about making decisions about what television shows are watched in your home?  Or even how much couch time is appropriate?  

I suggest that we are ALL Leaders!  And yes, we ALL need support. 

Spring is the season you MUST cleanse to support your liver and gallbladder.  The heavier, nurturing foods from winter will cause congestion, allergies, and toxic waste to settle into these organs if they aren’t cleaned out.  

Tips for Leaders:

  1. Time Management – spend 30 minutes on the weekend to plan the week
  2. Self Care – plan time every day for yourself – meditation, exercise, even a hot towel scrub
  3. Relationships – put the cell phone away have a face to face lunch or coffee time with a friend 
  4. Spirituality – whatever that means for you to connect 
  5. Food – add 1 new veggie this week, preferably green in color

Whether you are the leader of the free world or the leader of yourself, EVERY person is valuable and needs support.  

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Coach Peggy