Anniversary Tips to Look as Young as You Feel

My hubby and I celebrated our 42nd wedding anniversary this week.  Wow!  I feel like I am 42!  I am grateful healthy habits have been a priority to me, and I love sharing what I have learned over the years.  Check out a sample of my healthy tips and habits, and let me know if there are any that make you ask “why is this important”?


  1. Start the day the a big glass of lemon water, add apple cider vinegar – immune & digestion booster
  2. Make the bed, first accomplishment of the day
  3. Stand up straight, breathe deeply
  4. Stretch every day
  5. Handful of almonds to tame anger
  6. Spinach for mental clarity
  7. Green tea to calm the mind
  8. Honey to calm a cough
  9. Coconut water to ease muscle cramps
  10. Veggies every day – every meal  
  11. Protein – healthy variety
  12. Epsom salt bath for constipation (yes, fiber is important too)
  13. Elevate legs to reduce ache and swelling, especially after traveling or standing all day
  14. Yoga for back, hip and shoulder pain
  15. Walking for strong bones and healthy heart
  16. Ginger and peppermint tea or oils for indigestion
  17. Put the electronics down several times a day
  18. Early to bed, early to rise 
  19. Eat largest meal midday when the digestive system is the strongest
  20. Here’s an eye opener for me – see a dermatologist to check your skin.  I recently was diagnosed with Actinic Kerotoses (AKs) on my face and treated with a chemotherapy cream.  These are small spots that develop over time from sun exposure.  I am fair skinned with freckles and a likely candidate.  I was a bit anxious about this, did the treatment, and immediately followed up with my detox program to clean the chemicals from my body.  I am using the NeoLife new skin care regimen and am good as new.
I could go on forever with helpful tips and these are just a random few.  
Tips: I am here to coach and support you on a life changing journey that begins with simple steps.  

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