Why Am I a Health Coach?

My son says I have been a health coach forever.  I think that is true.  My passion has always been learning as much as I can about health, nutrition, fitness, and self care.  Even when I didn’t really know what it all meant.

In a nutshell, my family is my big WHY.  We have taken NeoLife supplements for approximately 30 years and I limited our sugar treats.  That is where it all started for me.  My education, experience and life events have influenced where I am today.

Let’s explore my top 10 reasons and how they can benefit you!

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Top 10 Reasons I became a Holistic Health Coach and how it benefits YOU:

  1. I know what it is like to juggle family, household chores, family business, bookkeeping, AND cook healthy meals.  I will show you how to manage that big “to do” list and enjoy the life the you are working so hard to achieve.
  2. I survived the anxiety I felt turning 50, and decided to celebrate each year since. I understand the body and aging.  And I understand the power of mindset.  I will show you how to have more energy and love your birthdays.
  3. The diagnosis of osteopenia (hysterectomy at 33) led me to learn more about bone density, nutrition and exercise, and how dairy is actually harmful to most people.  I will show you how to strengthen your bones in a healthy way.
  4. I believe with every fiber of my being, the food & lifestyle choices we make have a direct impact on the quality of our lives.  Think about that for a second.  Eating a cookie or an apple – they both provide energy, yet the cookie adds to weight gain and belly bloat and the apple boosts the immune system and provides fiber for healthy digestion.
  5. When a passion lights a flame, there is a path in your heart and soul that paves the way to bring it to life.  We are complex beings, consisting of more than our physical body.  I believe in a holistic approach to wellness that includes, relationships, career, spirituality and fitness.  My passion is to teach you how to have energy and good health at every age SO THAT you experience your passion.
  6. I have worked with loved ones recovering from a stroke, mononucleosis, autoimmune disease, weight gain, high blood pressure, burnout, stress and digestion issues.  I will provide a personalized step by step plan so that you have confidence in the food & lifestyle choices you are making.
  7. I needed a coach and didn’t know it – for years.  Even though I had spent so much time in doctors’ offices, I never felt like I was heard.  I am 100% committed to coaching with compassion and intuition, listening carefully.  Then creating a step by step plan that reflects the “whole you”.
  8. I love to create programs, systems, AND having fun with food!  Many people tell me “I don’t know what to eat”.  I will show you how to spend 15 minutes in the kitchen and prepare a tasty meal. My programs will help you learn what foods are right for you at this time in your life.  
  9. The traditional way of eating isn’t working for anyone anymore.  The Standard American Diet (SAD) is contributing to diseases, not keeping us healthy.  I will teach you about nutrition and how much of our food is lacking in vitamins, minerals, and fiber.  
  10. My body has changed as I have aged.  Yup, it’s a fact.  My nutritional needs, exercise routine, relaxation, even skin care has changed.  The blessing is that I have been coached, learned much and feel better now than I did in my 30’s.  I am excited about what I do and will coach you to find the best foods to nourish your body and avoid toxins that cause weight gain, diseases and inflammation.