Where Does the Time Go?

We just lost 1 hour early Sunday morning?  How do you handle the time changes that affect most of us in the US?  If you begin and end your day with the natural seasonal changes, you may do quite well.  

Tips for Time Change:

  • Go to bed 30 minutes sooner than usual for a few nights
  • Turn off the TV, computer, cell phone and spend time reading or talking with someone
  • Eat healthy and drink plenty of water to stay hydrated and nourished

Do you find yourself with so much to do and not enough time to get things done?  Many of us have overfilled our plates and can’t possibly do everything we expect or want to do.  Remember, we are human “beings” not human “doings”.  Now I’m not suggesting we become lazy or unproductive, but let’s take a look at our “to do lists”.  

Schedule Tips:

1.  Make a list of things you want to get done for the week
2.  Plan no more than 3 items per day (unless they are small tasks
3.  Hire help when possible or assign chores to family members
4.  Think and speak positively about TIME.  You DO have enough and WILL do everything that is important.  Allow yourself to KNOW you will accomplish anything urgent.

This is a particularly busy season for me with responsibilities to myself, my family and my business.  I take a look at the week ahead, planning the important and urgent things and kindly declining invitations or obligations that don’t rise to the top of importance or urgency.  It’s all about priorities and when I am feeling busy, I smile and appreciate the abundance in my life.

Be sure that you are eating, hydrating, resting, and exercising in a healthy way whenever your plate feels full.  AND include quiet time to catch your breath.
Coach Peggy