Turkey Trot
What are your typical days like?  Do you create your schedule or do the events of the day control you?  Do you run helter skelter like wild turkeys on the loose?  Do you have time to smell the roses or watch wild turkeys do the “turkey trot”?My best days are when I have a plan and allow time for the unexpected events that come up.  I could do a series of posts just on the topic of Time Management.  We’ll leave that for another time.  Although, I encourage you to “time block” your days to be the most efficient if you feel you are busy all the time and getting very little accomplished.

This month we are focusing on self care and what that looks like for each of us.  And we are all unique individuals – no one size fits all approach.  

We are moving into the holiday season and that brings high expectations, extra tasks on our “to do” list, which leads to anxiety or depression. 

Here are quick tips to help ease anxiety:

  • My first tip is my favorite that any of us can do anywhere – breathing.  Close your eyes and take 3 – 5 long, slow deep breaths, exhaling slowly.  This simple technique calms the nervous system quickly.  
  • Be curious – Ask yourself “why am I feeling this way”, “what happened”, “what can I do differently”, “what can I learn from this”?  I’m always looking for the lesson or blessing in situations, especially the challenging ones.
  • 4 step technique is to notice your surroundings, put your tongue on the roof of your mouth, deep inhale and exhale, and smile.  This has a relaxing effect on the vagus nerve.
  • Repeat a self love phrase – “Even though I am angry, stressed out, I completely love and accept myself”.  This is a simple one to try out until you create your own.
  • Mini meditation will help calm and center you within 5 minutes.  Close your eyes, shut your office door or turn your back to the situation and focus on your breathing and surroundings.  Let your thoughts flow by.

I love my home and all the birds and critters we have that come to visit.  Even the pesky raccoons.  It was a silly sight to watch the wild turkeys running helter skelter around our yard enjoying the bird seed on the ground after a dusting of snow.  Watching them has a calming effect on me.  What works for you?

Grab my Self Esteem guide and workbook in the link below.  Feel free to share with your loved ones.  

I am here to help you learn what your body needs and what works for you to feel your best and have that Feel Ageless, Be Ageless glow.

turkey trot

Coach Peggy