Stages of Quitting Sugar


Sugar has a powerful impact on the body.  In my last newsletter, I discussed how sugar stimulates the same areas of the brain as cocaine.  The addiction to sugar is a serious topic.  Because of that, I’d like to share just a few of the stages you may experience while quitting sugar.  Remember, we are all different.

When you quit or cut back on sugar, your body and mind will go through many changes. These stages are similar to when you cut anything out, though the withdrawal period might be worse than other lifestyle changes if you relied a lot on sugar-laden foods. Here are some stages you can expect when you first cut back on your sugar intake.

This is probably one of the first things you will experience, though some people will have the headaches from withdrawal first. Cravings occur when your body discovers it is not getting the same amount of sugar as it used to. This could occur on day 2, or not for a week or so. It will depend a lot on how much sugar you were consuming before starting the sugar detox diet.

If you have ever tried to quit something cold turkey, like smoking or drinking caffeine, you know what the withdrawal headaches are like. While they can affect what you are trying to accomplish during the day, be strong! Take some pain relievers and just try to get through this phase. If you give in, you will have to keep going through these withdrawal symptoms over and over again.

Aches and Pains
Another stage of quitting sugar is when you get further into the sugar withdrawal period and you experience some aches and pains. Like other symptoms, this might not be something everyone deals with. However, if you start experiencing leg cramps or other odd physical discomforts, it may be your body’s way of reacting to lack of sugar you are consuming. However, if it becomes severe, it is a good thing to discuss with your doctor.

Body Shakes and Trembling
Some people will also experience more traditional withdrawal symptoms like body shakes, weakness, or trembling. It is important that if you feel uneasy about it, talk to your doctor to rule out other possible causes.

Mood Swings
Moving further into the later stages of sugar detoxing and withdrawal is the mood swings. These can come from a few different sources. You are uncomfortable and might be having some bad headaches, so that will create some irritability. Cravings also have an impact on mood swings. 

Stay committed to your goal of quitting sugar and you will be happy you did.

When I am doing either my Seasonal Clean Eating Reset or the NeoLife 3 Day Detox, I notice the sugar cravings are gone in 1-3 days.  It’s amazing how powerful sugar is and that we can take control of it.

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