Are You a Snacker?
It’s that time of year again. We promised ourselves back when the ball dropped that this would be the year we would get healthy, hit the gym more often, and fill our shopping baskets with fresh produce galore.  So, how are you doing with that?  Are you sneaking snacks between meals, hiding wrappers, and frustrated about your weight?

This time of year can be confusing for many of us.  Trying to drop the holiday weight AND properly nourish our body.  Winter season is a time to nourish and rest.  
Following are a few snack suggestions.  Last week I included a recipe for Spiced Apricot Balls that are great snacks to boost energy and curb cravings.  

  • Protein balls – I include new recipes with each seasonal program
  • Trail mix – make your own with coconut, walnuts, almonds, pumpkin and sunflower seeds, coconut oil, raisins, dried cranberries
  • Leftover veggies – this is one of my favorite snacks any time of the day 
  • Replace sugar treats with fruit
  • Smoothies are a great start to the day – another of my favorite snacks is a smoothie – I make 2 at breakfast and put it in a secure container and carry in my lunch bag with an ice pack to be ready any time I feel the need for a boost of energy

I have a webinar coming up today;  How to Make Smoothies.  Sign up now for this FREE webinar.  

Coach Peggy