New Year Tip
I’m sure you are reading everywhere about a list of New Year’s Resolution ideas.  Let me “rock the boat” a bit.  Have you considered NOT making a new year’s resolution?  As I was writing this newsletter, my Mom called me and declared that she was not making any resolutions because she didn’t want to feel badly if she didn’t achieve the goals.  Exactly!

I LOVE a new year, a new month, a new week, a new day!  I love beginnings!  

Think of the new year as a fresh start or a clean slate.  Learn from the past and then let it go.  Responsibly plan for the future and trust in the progress.

This year think of yourself as a human “being” rather than a human “doing”.  Be yourself and get to know yourself.  

Consider WHY you do what you do.  Ask yourself that and keep asking until you really get to the heart.  You’ll be amazed.  All the rest of the resolutions aren’t necessary because your WHY will guide your thoughts and actions.  

OK, so I’ll admit I have 1 resolution – stop texting in the car.  My Why is very simple.  Simply LOVE.  

What’s your WHY?