Is Mindset a Real Thing?
How does mindset affect your life?  Have you heard the phrase “thoughts become things”?  It’s a good one and is descriptive of mindset.  This is a topic for books and does have a big impact on your life.  Gratitude is a biggie for me and falls into this mindset category.We are going to explore one small, yet powerful area of mindset here.  
Let’s start with a quick daily practice to get your day off with a good start.  

  1. Review the direction you’re going.  Not a goal, but a direction or focus.  Keep moving forward.  Example:  You want to feel better so you make healthier food choices, which leads to more energy and possibly weight loss.  You have a work project ahead of you so you take one step forward in getting it done.  
  2.  Counting your wins.  I like to think of the big and small steps as wins.  As long as I am moving forward, it is a win.  Consider “why” you are doing what you’re doing?  This keeps you motivated and moving in the direction you choose.  Clarity in your mission fuels your conviction.  My mission  is to guide you to create simple food & lifestyle habits so that you have good health and energy at every age.  
  3. Imagine your outcome.  Long term vision for what you want.  Example:  Do you see yourself 10 years from now feeling healthy, strong and with lots of energy?  Fear is a negative energy, so focus on what you want internally, not out of fear.  My vision is to guide countless hearts to feel ageless & be ageless.
  4. Listen to your body.  Allow 5-10 minutes in the morning to really listen to your body.  How do you feel physically?  Mentally?  Emotionally?  What do you do with this information?  Do you power through when you don’t feel at your best?  Or recognize it, nurture with healthy choices and THEN move forward? 
I have found taking time each morning for my routine sets my day up for success. Regardless of what is on the schedule.  How about you?  

Now is the time to set your mind at ease.  I’m in your corner and here to help.  Learn how to eat real foods, on the go AND have more healthy energy. Contact me if you have questions or get started right away.


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Coach Peggy