Migraine Tips

Have you had a migraine?  I experienced migraines since I was a child and know the debilitating pain.  I have talked about migraines before this and am frequently asked questions.  I am always a student and wanted to share a little more from my research.

Warning Signs:

  • Sleepy or yawning; lack of focus
  • Frequent urination; diarrhea or constipation
  • Mood swings – happy or sad
  • Sensitivity to noise and light

What to Do:

  • Caffeine is helpful for some people, while others find it makes the pain worse
  • Quiet, dark and restful space
  • Meditate to let the mind rest
  • Pain relievers if needed
  • Avoid nuts, cheese, wine and processed foods
  • Eat green grapes!  Drink lots of water to release toxins
  • Ice pack at the back of the neck is helpful
  • Peppermint essential oil on the temples and back of neck – also a big inhale of the oil
  • Omega 3s – I take NeoLife Salmon Oil daily
  • Magnesium or a multi mineral supplement 

I do not have the regular migraines and know my personal triggers.  You too, can alleviate or avoid migraines once you learn what works best for your body.  AND your age.  Our bodies change as we turn the chapters of life, so it is important to be nimble and able to pivot in our daily habits.

Now is the time to set your mind at ease.  I’m in your corner and here to help.  Learn how to eat real foods, on the go AND have more healthy energy at every age.
Contact me if you have questions or to get started right away.   peggy@healthcoachmt.com
I am here to help you learn what your body needs and what works for you to feel your best and have that Feel Ageless, Be Ageless glow.

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Coach Peggy