Migraine Tips During Holidays

I love the holiday season, the spirit of love and giving.  Yet, the holidays also can be a minefield of activities, expectations, and stress that are truly triggers for migraines.

I’m going to keep this brief as I share a few tips that I find helpful.

  1. Get enough sleep.  If you have long days, late nights, extra activities, be sure to sandwich these times between nights that you sleep well.
  2. Be prepared.  Bring your treatments with you everywhere if you are traveling or even staying home, be sure you are stocked up.  
  3. Know your limits.  Travel, stress, parties can be a pressure cooker with all the noise, activities, smells, rich foods, and responsibilities.  Take time outs.
  4. Have a backup plan.  If you are responsible for dessert, plan an option that you buy the treat instead of making your favorite treat.
  5. Respond with confidence and be proactive.  For me, that includes avoiding cigarette smoke and intense fragrances.

Merry Christmas!!

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Coach Peggy