Have you ever made a mistake or messed up unintentionally?  Things happen, life happens; sometimes things are just out of our control.  What do you do when it affects someone else?  

Allow me to tell you what I used to do.  I would be so very embarrassed and grovel for forgiveness.  Probably to the point of embarrassing the other person.  That is an icky feeling for everyone involved and the whole sentiment is lost.

I’ll share an embarrassing moment today.  I overslept.  I didn’t set my alarm clock because I am always awake by 5:00 and up no later than 5:15 am.  That allows plenty of time for a 7:00 am phone call appt.  On this day I slept until 7:44 am!  I actually asked my hubby as I jumped out of bed if the clock was right!  Yup it was, the sky was blue and sun peeking through the trees.  All I could think is OMG!  I missed my call!  

Well, what would I tell a client?  Take a breath and contact the person as soon as possible.  I apologized sincerely.  I truly was sorry I overslept and missed the scheduled call.  The reasons don’t matter – the sincerity does.  AND the intention for the other person to receive your message.  THEN, let it go.  You have no control over another person’s actions, feelings, or attitudes.  

It has taken me practice to go from groveling to gratitude.  How are you doing?  We all mess up sometime.  Does it affect your day or is it limited to the moment, deal with it and let it go?

I’d love to hear your experiences and how you handle “mess ups”.  

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Coach Peggy