How Do I find More Time in the Day?

Do you find yourself struggling with too much on your “to do” list and not enough time to get it all done?  I have realized there will always be lots to do and I appreciate the abundance in my life.  
I have found ways to make room in my day for what’s important.

Here are my Top 8 Tips:

  1. Get enough sleep.  Studies show the hours of sleep before midnight are more valuable to your body than the hours after.  “Early to bed, early to rise makes a man healthy wealthy and wise”
  2. Plan your day and outline your week, allowing space for the unexpected.  Sometimes the most important or special experiences are the unplanned.
  3. Take 5 every hour.  If you are at your desk, get up and walk around.  If you are working outside, sit and take a break.  5 minutes to allow yourself to refresh.
  4. Plan projects in blocks of time.  If you have multiple projects, allow time for each and move on to the next task.  You’ll accomplish more and not feel burned out on each one.
  5. Make some quiet time to think, reflect, relax.  Even 5 minutes will add to your productivity.
  6. Listen – oh my gosh, this is a biggie!  Do you think about what you are going to say next while the other person is speaking?  Do you even hear what they are saying?  Frustration and wasted time repeating can be avoided by carefully listening.
  7. Multitasking is not so great.  Have you ever thought of yourself as a good multitasker?  I sure have, and learned it isn’t productive.  The brain can only be fully present and concentrating on one thing at a time.  Mistakes happen and productivity slows down when someone is multitasking, especially with tasks that require concentration.
  8. Learn to say No.  I used to say Yes all the time.  I never wanted to disappoint anyone and I loved being involved in multiple projects.  I was over scheduled and overwhelmed.  Now I only say Yes after careful consideration.

A New Way To Be

If you are struggling with your mindset and following a healthy plan for your life, contact me for a FREE Clarity Session.  I am truly here to help you Feel Ageless, Be Ageless.
Coach Peggy