Healthy Habits – Can You Tell If They Work For You?

Forming New Habits: Change What Doesn’t Work
After you have created some simple habits to change in your life, take a step back and look at the results so far. This is where you can decide if you will continue with this habit, or if it might be time to call it quits, or just adjust part of it.

I have created habits to increase my water intake.  I have a big glass of water with lemon juice in my bathroom at night so when I get up in the morning, it’s one of my first healthy habits.  I drink 16 oz of water before I arrive in the kitchen to make our breakfast smoothies and my coffee.
When a New Habit Doesn’t Work
To start with, every new habit you start is not going to be something you stick with forever. There are some that absolutely will and will probably change your life for the better. But just like other things you attempt in your life, they are not all going to be perfect from beginning to end.
It is okay to take a step back, consider where you are, and whether or not one of your new habits is working for you. This doesn’t mean you chose a bad habit, but that it doesn’t work for you personally, for your schedule, your lifestyle, or where you are right now in your life. Remember that your priorities and goals can change as you go through life, and it’s okay for your habits to change along with them.
I love to walk and hike.  I am now living on a busy road that isn’t safe to go for a walk in the morning.  That habit has changed for me.  I now hop on my elliptical machine each day, park far from doors while shopping, and hike whenever the opportunity presents itself.

Did You Give It Enough Time?
Before you decide to ditch or change one of your new habits, give it enough time. The amount of time a change needs depends on the type of habit and your personal goals, but about 30 days is a good time to allow. This is long enough where it became something you did every day and should have gotten to a point where you didn’t even have to think about it.
However, if you have been doing one habit for 2 months, and you still don’t see any benefits from it, or it still feels like pulling teeth every time you get up to do it, then maybe it isn’t the right one for you.
Or maybe you need to change the environment.  I have found my meditation or quiet time is best in a favorite chair, near a bird feeder and a cup of tea by my side make all the difference for me.

Tracking Your Progress and Making Changes
This is why tracking your new habits is so important. You can actually see how long you have been doing it, if you have been consistent, and in what ways it is benefiting you. If you start a new job and put in the work, you expect to be paid for your efforts. The same can be said for when you work really hard on a new habit or goal, and it just doesn’t pay off in the end. You want to choose habits you can keep track of and that will have some type of benefit for you.

I encourage journaling.  A simple notebook works, or reply to this email and ask for a cool journal.  I’ll email one to you.  

Now is the time to set your mind at ease.  I’m in your corner and here to help.  Learn how to eat real foods, on the go AND have more healthy energy at every age.
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