~ Happy 85th Birthday Mom ~

Do you feel like joy & passion “have left the building”?

Do you feel fear that you or a loved one will have the virus?  Has your job or business been turned topsy turvy due to COVID-19?  Are you worried about how long the shelter in place will last?  

You have all been on my mind and even being at home more, I haven’t had the words to write a newsletter.  I’ve been doing videos on You Tube and Facebook to give immune boosting tips, stress management and even some fun stuff.  

Today is my Mom’s 85th birthday.  She loves her birthday and celebrations and this will be a different experience for all of us.  Instead of many family members around her, I will be delivering food and homemade lefse’.  Chat for a few minutes at a safe distance.  (I’ve spent a little time with her, but very little in person)  Mostly we are talking on the phone every day.  I think Mom is enjoying the “new normal” with a slower schedule – yes, she is out a lot typically.  

Let’s add some joy and passion to our days.  I have no doubt you have heard a lot of tips on how to navigate through this time.  I encourage you to focus on what you have and gratitude.  Let me start:
1.  Time to work out at home every day
2.  My car is getting a much needed break
3.  Our dog is a happy boy with humans home all day
4.  I made lefse’ in April – not just October for the holidays
5.  We have toilet paper
6.  We have plenty of food and a warm home
7.  Spring is here and the birds are migrating – they don’t realize we have a pandemic and they are not sheltering in place
8.  I am sending handwritten notes to family and friends more than usual
9.  I am taking time for an afternoon “happy hour” – sometimes with Perrier, tea or wine
10. I have cleaned tubs, closets, shelves and windows

Are you a recovering perfectionist like me?  If yes, I encourage you to let go of being in control, fear and worry.  

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Coach Peggy