Low-Carb Superfoods
Superfoods that are popular in the fall are often high in carbohydrates, however, let’s explore a few lower carb choices. 
Here are just a few tasty options that you may find at your local Farmer’s Market.Parsnips
Moderate in carbohydrates in comparison to other root vegetables. The great thing about parsnips is that their flavor resembles potatoes, so you can make parsnip chips or fries, add to soup and have a lower-carb version than with regular white potatoes. 
As far as greens go, most of them are going to be low-carb and are appropriate for any low-carb or Keto diet. Kale is in season during the fall and is also considered a superfood, so you should try to add it to your diet whenever you can. It isn’t the lowest carb green, but there are only 6 carbs in a cup of kale, so it’s great when putting together a salad.
I love the high insoluble fiber content in kale, the fact it stands up to heat when adding to soup or stir fry, and the chips are awesome!
If you are looking for a fruit you can have in the fall that is also low-carb, try cranberries. These are a very popular fruit to have as a superfood, and since it is a berry, it is going to be lower in carbs than most other fruits. Try ¼ cup of cranberries on your salad, adding just 2.5 carbs.
Cranberries are a great addition to fruit salads, juice or side dish with meats.  
Cranberries are anti-inflammatory and known to help alleviate migraine pain.
Cauliflower is the ultimate low-carb food, and is also a superfood that is readily available during the fall season. There are only 5 carbs in a cup of cauliflower.  It also has a long harvest season, available between September and June. There is vitamin C in cauliflower, plus it can help lower your cholesterol.
It is great for substituting potatoes or rice in your low-carb meals.  Broccoli and cauliflower are a satisfying combination for a pan of roasted veggies with coconut oil and spices.
Butternut Squash
This squash is a little sweet and tastes great with various fall flavors and spices. It is often combined with pumpkin or fruits like apples and pears. It is a good source of omega-3 fatty acids, and is about 10 carbs for a cup.
One of my favorite detox soups includes butternut squash and apples.  I always make a big batch and freeze some.  

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