So, I CAN feel satisfied eating healthy foods?
Have you heard of the acronym SAD? If you haven’t, it does in fact represent something truly heartbreaking-theStandard American Diet. 
You know-the one filled with potato chips, French fries, fast food, soda, steaks and mashed potatoes. The one the majority of America eats on a daily basis.
A long time ago, I was SAD, but not anymore. You may be SAD if you…
Choose coffee over tea  (I know, I’m a coffee gal, yet I do enjoy a good cup of tea)
Soda over water   (soda is soooo bad for your bones and digestion)
Rice over a side salad   (many of you are allergic to rice)
Low-fat yogurt over chia pudding   (regular yogurt has a lot of sugar)
Chips over baked veggies   (chips are NOT a potato)
Granola bars over raw trail mix   (read the labels and notice the ingredients)
Basically, if you spend your shopping trips in the inner aisles of the grocery store rather than the outer aisles, you’re SAD (but it’s not your fault)!
This acronym really resonates with me because it’s so blunt yet so TRUE! Those that fill their diets with processed foods, packaged goods, low-fat snacks, and sugar-free everything are causing so much harm to their own bodies.
Not only that-they’re loading their bodies up with millions of toxins. 
These toxins cause:
  • Excess weight gain that is impossible to lose
  • Dreaded cellulite that loves to stick around (cellulite is actually toxins stored in fat cells)
  • Allergies and inflammation that throws the digestive system off-kilter
  • Persistent depression, exhaustion, hormonal imbalance, and adrenal fatigue
  • A weakened immune system that’s unable to recuperate 
  • Bad bacteria to run rampant throughout your digestive system and break down the lining of your gut, which then leads to bacteria and infections throughout your body
  • And that’s just the start of the madness
What’s worse-even those people that try to eat healthier are misguided towards low-fat, sugar-free, fat-free chemical options that pose an even bigger risk to their bodies.
I’ve been there too. Years ago, I was lucky enough to experience a mental breakthrough. After suffering for years with health maladies, I finally connected the dots to realize that my diet was the root cause of my health issues.  Yes, indeedy, I TOTALLY believe the food we eat has a direct impact on our lives and health!
After this, I made it my goal to become a health coach so that I could help others break through the food and diet industry overwhelm and reclaim their health and their lives!
If you’re ready to:
  • Learn which foods serve your unique body  –  lots of healthy, tasty food choices
  • Rebuild your health from the inside out  –  aches and pains be gone!
  • Shed the pounds that have been weighing you down  –  Letting Go with Peace
  • Detoxify your cells and reclaim the healthy body that’s rightfully yours
  • Access an unlimited natural supply of energy 
  • And so much more
I have the program that’s going to make your wildest dreams come true…
Introducing Letting Go With Peace Fall Detox-an online clean eating program that will take you from stagnant and sluggish to euphoric and energetic in a matter of 14 days.
You read that right-in 14 days you can change the course of your entire life and wipe your health slate clean just by making this ONE simple decision to put your health first.
Here’s the link to the program Letting Go With Peace – Fall Detox 
Bring a Friend and SAVE!
eat more weight less

Eat more weigh less