Donuts, Lefse’ & Imperfection
One of my fondest childhood memories is when my Mom made prune bread and banana donuts. 
The bread was dense and I loved how the butter melted when it was fresh out of the oven.
The donuts were a piece of art!  The bananas created lumps and bumps giving the donuts unique shapes.  It was fun to eat the lumps first and then munch on the rest of the donut.My Mom did not want us to share the lumpy donuts because they weren’t “perfect”.  But guess what?  The best tasting donuts were the uniquely shaped masterpieces.  

Lefse’ (Norwegian treat made with potato & flour similar to a crepe) is one of our family favorite treats for the holidays.  It is the first thing I do for holiday preparation and I am excited that I have this 2 day project of love completed for this year.  I was thinking of Mom’s donuts as some of my lefse’ pieces were perfectly round and others took on a life of their own.  Actually, the oblong shapes were my rolling technique gone crooked.  

So what does all this have to do with each other?  And health coaching for that matter?

Imperfection is part of life.  How do we handle imperfection?  Are we paralyzed and stuck when things aren’t perfect?  

I encourage you to embrace imperfection and learn from the situation.  Lovingly accept yourself and others in this state of imperfection.  Maybe smile and laugh and hug through the situation.  

Consider the 90/10 rule.  90% of the time stick to the plan – diet, fitness, lifestyle, work.  10% of the time allow some flexibility and embrace the situation.  I don’t mean to go crazy, however I suggest you allow yourself the grace and love you show others when they aren’t perfect.

Now, back to the donuts and lefse’.  Mom doesn’t make donuts anymore so I need to learn that tradition.  I have made some awesome prune bread, even though I rarely eat bread it is a treat occasionally.  How do I handle the beloved lefse’?  I don’t make as much as I used to and freeze in small portions so I am not tempted to eat too much.

What is your favorite imperfection?  

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