Seasonal detoxes are my recommended cure for breaking free from toxicity. Fall detoxes in particular are miraculous for many reasons.
During the heat of the summer, the body builds up toxins. This can lead to coughs, rashes, migraines, and a weakened immune system. The fall season is a great time to boost the immune system and shed unwanted weight. It’s also great for slowing down, turning inwards, and letting go of foods, thoughts, emotions, and people that don’t serve you. Actually, the falling leaves are symbolic of us shedding negative memories, thoughts, and patterns.
Also, according to Traditional Chinese Medicine, the fall season is a time to honor two very important organs: the lungs and the large intestine. Let’s talk about each. 
Every metabolic action in your body depends on your lungs. Therefore, when the lungs are weak from toxic overload, you experience fatigue, pale skin, shallow breath, dry skin and hair, weak digestion, and constipation. When the lungs are strong, you experience the opposite.
In addition, the lungs are associated with grief and sadness. Therefore, during this detox, you’ll begin to let go of old emotions that have left you with feelings of sadness. 
We also honor the large intestine during the fall season. In addition to other roles, the large intestine manufactures 95% of your body’s serotonin. However, stress, antibiotics, toxins, and leaky gut can lead to imbalances in the large intestine and cause rapid aging, allergies, rashes, anxiety, and weight gain. When the large intestine is out of balance, serotonin production also suffers and therefore, so does your mood.
The large intestine is the partner organ to the lungs and is also associated with grief and sadness. 

Allergies and Toxins are Everywhere!