Carbonated Waters – Healthy???
Do you drink a lot of carbonated waters?  It’s just bubbly water, so it must be healthy, right?  
I have questioned this for some time, and had the following response from a fellow health coach.  “Plain carbonated water isn’t as bad as sugary soda, but definitely has some issues. Carbon dioxide is what makes fizzy drinks fizzy. There are a few problems with the gas. First, as it reacts in the stomach carbonic acid is formed as the gas is liberated. The gas fills the stomach which creates pressure which pushes the air back up the esophagus which causes burping.

The gas can also cause bloating as not all of it gets liberated and burped out. The stuff left sits in the stomach, eventually bursts and gets absorbed into the blood… That’s carbonic acid getting absorbed, which, as you likely guessed, increases the acid load in the body. 

Carbonated drinks, including waters, are also known aggravators of irritable bowel syndrome and other intestinal dysbiosis.

So, I suggest avoiding carbonated beverages, especially during a cleanse!”

All things in moderation!   Get a variety of healthy beverages into your diet.  Mostly water.  Mix it up with the bubbly waters, flavored water, teas and juices.  

Tips: I am here to coach and support you on a life changing journey that begins with simple steps.   
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