How To Boost Your Immune System in 4 Simple Steps

How to boost your immune system

Our beautiful body is designed to fight diseases on its own. It kills certain bacteria in our body and works against things that may cause us illness. Isn’t our body simply a miracle?  

If the immune system gets weak or stops working, the body becomes susceptible to diseases.
The immune system gets weak if we don’t take proper care of ourselves. There are many natural ways to boost your immune system and reduce the amount and type of medications you need to take. Taking too much medicine may cause your body to react negatively. 

I’m suggesting 3 natural simple steps to boost your immune system.

1. Get enough sleep:
You may have noticed that if you don’t sleep properly or enough, you are more likely to catch the flu, a cold, or other illness. Studies have shown that people who sleep seven to eight hours a night are less likely to get colds, and the medicines they do take work more quickly and effectively than for those who don’t sleep well or long enough.
Tip:  Go to bed 30 minutes earlier and notice your mental clarity and physical energy improve as a bonus.

2. Exercise more:
Exercise benefits nearly everything about your body, both inside and out. But exercising isn’t always that easy, especially for people who have to start from the ground up. If you keep exercising you will start to feel a change in your body. You will start liking it and it will become a habit.
Exercise is more than lifting weights or strenuous workouts. Anything you do that makes your muscles work is exercise. Moderate exercise is just as beneficial for your immune system as strenuous exercise. Walking just 30 to 35 minutes a day can make your immune system healthy and more powerful against diseases.
Tip:  Take 2 fifteen minute breaks during your day to walk around the block.  Exercise and fresh air as a bonus.

3. Proper diet:
An improper diet can result in a weakened immune system. Look at your food closely; some, especially sugary foods, do more harm than good.
Foods that are rich in vitamins and minerals are great for boosting the immune system.
Crowding Out – Increase your consumption of vegetable and fruits like apples, bananas, cherries, kiwi, carrots, spinach, onions, sweet potatoes, and grapes. Garlic fights against bad bacteria and viruses in your body, and chicken soup is a good remedy for the flu or a cough.
Tip:  Eat a banana before the donuts and you’ll want less sugar.  Mental clarity and weight control are a bonus.

4. Don’t stress:
Stress weakens both your body and your mind.
Situations that create stress are often not within your control, but how you handle your stress is.
Learn to manage stress in order to take care of your health. Health must be your first priority. If you’re not healthy, you are of little use to anyone else. 
Take a break from your daily routine, meditate, or learn to connect with people around you. You can also take counseling if you don’t know the cause of your stress. Don’t be isolated. Interaction and sharing with people help in reducing your stress level. 
Tip:  Take a breath before reacting in a situation.  A healthy, deep breath.  Your blood pressure and lungs benefit from deep breathing as a bonus.

A New Way To Be

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