Are You Protein Deficient?

Many of us are watching the amount of animal proteins we are eating.  It is entirely possible to eat more plant based and consume an abundance of high quality protein.  Yet, the reality is many people eat fast food, packaged and high sugar foods.  Not good to maintain a healthy body and feel your best.  

Protein Deficiency:

  1. Constant cravings – vegetarians should be cooking 2 hours a day to be healthy; eat 3 meals a day
  2. Muscle and joint pain – The body stores much of its protein reserves in the synovial fluid around the joints, to be used to rebuild the muscles and joints after strenuous exercise. When one is protein deficient, this reserve is the first to go. As a result, the joints stiffen and the muscles tighten.
  3. Can’t sleep well – sleeping through the night requires the body to burn fat, not sugar which needs more every 2-3 hours
  4. Low energy, moodiness, stress – body needs energy to be calm

Eat 4 ounces of red meat a day for 2 weeks

  • Red meat is the most acidic of all meats and of all protein sources in general. The more acidic a substance, the deeper it penetrates the tissues and the better it stores. Legumes, beans, seeds, nuts, eggs, chicken, fish, and red meat go from more alkaline to more acidic in this order.
  • Alkaline foods are great cleansers. They flush the lymph and help the body detoxify. The more alkaline a food or diet, the more efficiently it will remove waste and toxins.
  • On the other hand, the more acidic a food, the less easy it will be to remove or detoxify. While we tend to associate the notion of acidic foods with mostly toxic or comfort foods, many acidic foods are actually very healthy and essential.

This is nature’s way of balancing: we help rebuild the body in the fall and winter with naturally occurring acidic foods and cleanse the body in the spring and summer with naturally occurring alkaline foods.

Real Strength

Protein Deficiency Quiz:

  • Check each YES:
    • Do you find yourself waking up in the middle of the night?
    • Would you call yourself a restless sleeper?
    • Do you wake up tired and find it hard to get moving in the morning?
    • Do you crave sweets, salt, caffeine or nap during the day?
    • Do you crave bread or pasta?
    • Do you feel lethargic or low energy during the day?
    • Do you have any joint pain or stiffness that is not helped by massage?
    • Do you notice the joint pain or ache getting worse in the winter?
    • Do you feel more anxious than usual or do not handle stress as well as you once did?
    • Do you experience brain fog or have trouble recalling things the way you once did?
    • Are you under a high amount of stress?
    • Do you feel generally worse in the winter?

If you have answered YES to any of the quiz questions and you are a vegetarian or eat meat or fish less than three times a week, you may be protein deficient.

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Coach Peggy