5 Tips for Managing Life’s Curve Balls

I prefer to view life as opportunities and lessons.  We are presented with them every day.  Opportunities to love others and share our gifts and talents.  Lessons rise to the surface when we face challenges.  

I was recently faced with a doozy of a curve ball and it knocked me off kilter a bit.  I felt fear, anxiety and confusion.  I teetered, yet did not fall on my face.  Let me share with you my top tips for managing life’s curve balls, and the inevitable will surely happen for each of us at some time or another.


5 Tips for managing Life’s Curve Balls

1.  Stop and take a breath.  Literally close your eyes and just breathe for a minute.  This will calm your nervous system so you can think more clearly about the situation and if you can or should do anything.
2.  We know what to do in case of fire – we call 911 for the fire department.  What about the situations that are not as clear?  Research for options and choices.  
3.  Talk to someone.  Do NOT keep it all inside.  I am stoic by nature and this has been a tough one for me over the years. Trust me on this.  Ask for help.  Even if it is a listening ear, most often your confidante will offer a fresh perspective, possibly wise advice, and probably a big hug.  You are not alone.
4.  Take care of yourself.  Yup, you’ve heard me say this a lot.  You can not help anyone if you are falling apart.  Eat well, drink lots of water, get some exercise and sleep.  
5.  Take a minute to absorb the curve  ball  and allow yourself time to process the situation.  Then get back to life.  One of the best things we can do for ourselves is to do “normal” things.  It’s OK to go at a slower pace, depending on what this curve ball actually is.  Just keep going forward and avoid becoming withdrawn.
6.  Bonus Tip:  Take time to meditate, read the Bible, or whatever activity you find relaxing.  Maybe listening to music, a walk in the park, yoga, or talking with a loved one.  Remember, life is full of opportunities and lessons.  And yes, even curve balls.


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Coach Peggy