5 Steps to Protect Your Brain

Do you have moments when you can’t remember?  Or that your brain feels so full that you can’t fit in one more piece of information?  Do you ever wish you could “take a minute” and just put your feet up and read a book and listen to the birds?

Our lives are busy, full, and sometimes chaotic.  I encourage you to take a minute and read how you can help yourself catch your breath. 

Healthy Life

  1. You’ve heard me say that I truly believe the food we eat and our lifestyle choices have a huge impact on the quality of our lives.  It impacts our energy levels, immune system, aging process, hormones, and moods.  I’m all about food and encourage you to eat more fruits and veggies.  Eat a banana before you grab that donut.  Eat a second serving of veggies before you reach for a second burger from the grill. Add healthy fats – EVOO, coconut oil, salmon oil.   No deprivation, just swapping. 
  2. Exercise for the brain.  Mix it up and include cardio, strength training, AND yoga.  There are studies showing how each of these impact a healthy brain.  Yoga is known to reduce stress and lower blood pressure.
  3. Drink lots of water.  Half your body weight in ounces every day.  If you are sweating (this is a very good thing to release toxins), you probably need more water.  Joints and muscles will feel achy when they are dehydrated.
  4. Reduce stress, giving your brain and mind a rest.  Try meditation even for a minute, working up to 5 or 10 minutes every day.  Begin your day with 1 minute of quiet, closed eyes, and sitting still.  Don’t worry if your mind wants to chatter and think.  With practice, you’ll notice much more clarity in your thoughts and a sense of peace and calm in the midst of living.
  5. Time management is a big topic and one piece of that is planning.  Plan your week and notice how much stress and effort you can release when you aren’t trying to remember what to do next.  Frenzied activity is a tough one for me when I get too busy and don’t make the time for planning.  Everything works with much more ease and joy when I know what I’m doing and am able to put my energy into the tasks at hand.

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