3 Tips for Better Eating Habits

We all strive to create better eating habits, right?  Do you realize the food we eat and our lifestyle habits are closely linked?  Our careers, relationships, fitness, and spirituality are significant factors in our overall health.   

I recently learned about 3 factors linked to better eating habits.  It’s all common sense, yet we sometimes forget these tips.

  1. Relationships – Surround yourself with people who are health conscious, provide positive energy, and at least one very close support relationship.          Tip:  Share your health goals with a supportive person.  Add more healthy people in your life.
  2. Career – Do what you find interesting, learn something, reach goals, and having a leader who inspires enthusiasm.                                                                  Tip:  Make decisions that move you toward a career or business that you find interesting and challenging.
  3. Finances – Get finances in order to alleviate undue stress.                                  Tip:  Create a budget and learn to live within it.  Consolidate debt and work to pay it off.  

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