Why is Soup Good for Me?
I just learned that January is National Soup Month.  What a perfect time of year!  I have my chili in the crockpot right now (see recipe below), banana bread cooling, (I admit, this is NOT on my cleanse programs)  and am soaking up the warm sun while I am sitting at my desk.  Soup is an easy way to eat lots of veggies, while warming our body.  It is also a great source of legumes and whole grains.  Soup is nutrient dense, meaning lots of vitamins, minerals, protein, fiber, healthy carbohydrates AND low in calories.  

Soup Tips:

  • Use broth and avoid cream based soups.  My seasonal programs included a creamy soup that is simple and uses NO dairy.
  • Use fresh or frozen veggies.  Add a handful of greens to each bowl for extra fiber and antioxidants.
  • Experiment and try new things – add rice or barley instead of pasta to chicken soup; add beans to tomato soup; use less meat or a vegetarian version
  • Cook once, eat twice.  Soup freezes well and I love having a container in the freezer for those long, busy days.  My favorite “fast foods” are my own cooking made ahead.

Winter is a time to nourish our body.  Eat more roasted root veggies, soups, and chili.  We need the healthy fats and grounding foods to nourish our kidneys, bladder, ears, and bones.  

Pay attention to how you feel when you eat soup compared to salad in January, or hot tea compared to ice tea.  
Be sure you are drinking lots of water and stretching.  Simple things like standing on one foot and lifting the other to encourage balance will help when you are walking on ice.

I encourage you to enjoy this month, even if you might feel a bit chilly with cold temperatures or icy roads.  Make a pot of soup and while it’s simmering consider this – what one thing would you like to do or accomplish in the next month?  One  simple  task…  🙂

Coach Peggy