Do You Think About Weight Loss in December?
Do you starve yourself before a party?  Do you grumble at yourself while you get dressed and don’t like how you look and feel?  I’ve done this and it is NOT productive!  In fact, I believe it just makes things worse.  My personal party tip:  I eat a slice of turkey, leftover veggies, or Greek yogurt before I leave home.  I’m good to eat what I want and I’m not hungry when I get to the party.  I am conscious about how much I eat or drink so I am not feeling yucky later.

I’d like to encourage you to STOP thinking about your weight and focus on healthy habits and choices.  The rest will fall into place. I love this quote:
“How you do anything is how you do everything”

Let’s consider simple habit and mindset shifts:

  • Instant gratification – This is a fast paced world and everyone wants things lickity split.  Gardening is a great example of faith and patience.  Let’s take a breath and wait for our rewards.  Cook instead of fast food.
  • I deserve it – I grew up with “treats” being the reward for a job well done.  Probably because we didn’t have many treats in our house.  Raising my son and daughter , we would go to the Dairy Queen on Sunday afternoons for treats.  It’s all around food.  Let’s consider non food treats when we feel we “deserve it”.
  • Deprivation mindset – Dieters think of what they can’t have or restrict calories.  Successful weight loss or even managing an addiction is with mindset and not deprivation.  It’s like holding your breath until you can’t take it anymore.  Add more healthy foods so you don’t feel deprived.
  • Doubt & Trust – If you are constantly doubting the process or feeling “I can’t do this”, you are sabotaging your efforts.  Impatience and questioning “when will this happen” isn’t helpful  Trust and have faith in your efforts.
  • Attitude – This is a biggie.  Your attitude has everything to do with how your day will go.  We attract what we think, be and do.  Positivity!  Focus on finding the blessing in every situation.
  • Blame game –  I’m too busy to cook, eat healthy, exercise etc.  Some of this feels true, yet we have to take personal responsibility for our choices.  I plan and meal prep when I have the time so I eat healthy on the go and on the long work days.  Responsibility is a great habit. 
  • Judgement – Yikes! This one probably touches each of us.  Worrying what others think about what we eat or judging ourselves for what we eat or drink.  Obsessive thoughts are never productive.  Think positively, make good choices, and let it go.
  • Denial – Have you seen a picture of yourself and can’t believe it’s really how you look?  Sure it may be a bad pose or lighting.  Or it may be real.  Let’s face our reality and story and make changes as needed with a positive attitude.

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Coach Peggy