Stress & Digestion

What do you think is worse for you body?  Stress & anxiety or Junk food?

Researchers at Brigham Young University conducted a study comparing how these two health hazards affect the human body.  

The results showed that stress and anxiety had an overall higher negative impact on the digestive system.  The researchers concluded that the results of this study may explain the gender discrepancy in which higher rates of anxiety and depression are found in woman compared to men. Stress seems to alter the gut microbiota in a negative way – more in women than in men.

For women, this study emphasizes the importance of stress mitigation. For men, it suggests the importance of taking a healthy, whole food, organic diet more seriously.

The study highlights one of Ayurveda’s most essential principles.  The negative impact of stress on the digestive system has been described for thousands of years.   In fact, the “seat of the nervous system” was understood to be in the large intestine. Now, we have overwhelming evidence suggesting that stress can indeed alter the gut microbiology and, in turn, have a negative impact on mood.

3 Basic Steps to Improve Digestion:

  1. Eat organic, whole foods in season whenever possible
  2. Eat your largest meal at noon
  3. Reduce stress with yoga, meditation and breathing
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slow down

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