Staying Healthy Through the Holidays

  1. EXERCISE, I know, I know… 

      Make a commitment and stick to it as you would any appointment

    2. Use this time to re-connect with friends; take a walk, take a new class
    3. You might have to re-define your routine for a few days; be creative!
    4. Take clothes, DVDs, etc. with you if traveling; research ahead of time
  1. ROUTINEKeep the good, throw the rest out the window…joyfully!
    1. Try to keep the same sleep schedule
    2. Let go of expectations for schedules and just embrace the beautiful chaos
  1. ME TIMEA necessity!
    1. Be picky and selfish with plans. Only commit to holiday parties and other invites that are meaningful to you
    2. Shut the door (own home or houseguest), gently state your needs
    3. Great time to journal to stay mindful and balanced
  1. CONTROLIf you’re a house guest or having visitors, you likely have some new personalities in your life (not to mention having kids and spouses around more often). Simply remembering this is a joyous time that is out of the norm can help.
    1. Remember-you only control your actions and words
    2. Try and accept others just as they are
    3. Lead by example (criticism, gratefulness etc.)
    4. Practice good conflict resolution
  1. NUTRITIONHealthfully indulge!
    1. Take a healthy dish(es) to parties
    2. Survey the scene first
    3. Pick your favorites-make it fabulous!
    4. have small samples of what you love but don’t usually have
    5. Eat mindfully-breathe, chew
    6. DO NOT skip meals
    7. Have healthy snacks on hand, such as nut butters and fruit
    8. Hangover prevention: Veggies (asparagus!), whole grains, Prickly pear
    9. Out of sight out of mind; keep healthy foods around!
  1. IMMUNITYTake extra boosting steps
    1. Planes! Take wipes
    3. Oil of Oregano, garlic, ginger,
    4. Increase water intake
    5. Get outside, sunshine
  1. MINDFULNESSBe the calm in the storm
    1. Journal, especially about gratefulness
    2. Tell your loved ones that you love them
    3. REMEMBER what the holidays are all about, this is special time off to relax and be with the people you love
    4. Be realistic about change, this is a hectic time of year. Try to maintain the good in your life
    5. Be forgiving…there is nothing less healthy than stress and guilt! Be gentle with yourself.
    6. Give gifts with intention