Spring has Sprung and Congestion is a Problem

Spring represents renewal, growth, and expansion.  Spring is also a time when congestion happens.  The body needs to “spring clean”.

When you think about the spring, you think of blossoming flowers, butterflies and birds chirping. Spring is the ideal time to cleanse.

In Chinese medicine, every season supports a different organ, which is why seasonally cleansing is vital. The spring season honors the liver and the gallbladder. 

The liver and gallbladder work in harmony to support a strong immune system, balanced moods, and healthy digestion. The liver is responsible for filtering and neutralizing harmful substances in your body. It has 500 metabolic jobs, which it cannot perform optimally when overburdened with toxins. 

Why is the gallbladder so important? Bile is produced by the liver and stored in the gallbladder. A toxic and overburdened liver leads to an impaired release of bile from the gallbladder, which affects the breakdown of fats and overall digestion. 

In addition, Chinese medicine, each organ is associated with an emotion. The emotion associated with the liver is anger, and resentment is linked to the gallbladder. If you have found yourself feeling irritated or angry, this program should help you release those blocked emotions and find a sense of peace. You will feel cleaner, lighter, more focused, and your mood will balance as well. 

Allowing emotional toxins to surface and be released during the program is just as important as the physical side of the clean eating. If you find emotions coming up, give yourself the space to process them. Old feelings of anger or resentment may come in waves as you release the physical toxins. Allow the emotions to filter away as you rebirth, recharge and renew.

Following is a link for a super duper read on the emotions and the connection to the body’s organs.  
Watch for more info on my Spring Cleanse very soon.

Coach Peggy