Labor Day Reflections
I LOVE nature!  Trees, flowers, birds, all the critters!  Except, I’ll admit I run from snakes and bats.  Have you reflected on the wisdom found everywhere in nature?weeping willow

This is our weeping willow tree newly planted.  We needed to put up a boundary fence to protect it from the deer so it could grow big and strong.  At this point, the little willow was eager to soak up the rain and sunshine.  The tree has grown several feet in 3 years because it was nurtured.  

ornamental apple

This is our ornamental apple tree producing an abundance of fruit for wildlife.  This tree is older and stronger.  It doesn’t need boundaries.

I love the energy of youth and spending time with my 7 year old grandson experiencing things through his eyes.  His parents provide clear boundaries for him with plenty of room to grow and explore within that safety net. 

I love that as I have matured and clicked off a few decades of birthdays, I continue to learn and grow.  
What if we are all like the swaying weeping willow tree, children and sponges?  We soak up all that life has to offer and share all that wisdom and experience with those eager to learn? 

I love watching all the birds within the branches and berries on that strong older tree.  It provides shelter, food and a safe haven for several species of critters.

I pray you take a moment to reflect and recognize what you have learned and that you are open to new opportunities.  
Let’s all produce our best, let it go and be ready for the next season in life.  

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berry tree

Coach Peggy