Did the Icky Bug Catch You?

So many people this winter have had a bad cold / flu bug.  It’s catching people in a bad way.  Let me share with you how I navigated this to feel like myself again.  My Icky Bug Tips for Recovery:

  • Rest – go to bed and curl up in warm blankets; put on socks if your feet are cold
  • Food & drink – lots of water, adding lemon juice and hot tea.  I made homemade turkey soup and ate it every day for a week.  Thank goodness I had bone broth in the freezer, so it was a very simple meal to put together.  I made soup with lentils, barley or noodles.  I ate oranges every day.  My morning smoothie varied based on how I felt, but I always add protein powder.
  • Epsom salt bath with essential oils – peppermint and lavender helps to relax muscles for better rest, rid the toxins, and breath easier.
  • Throat tonic – cinnamon, cloves, ginger, cayenne pepper, nutmeg, lemon juice and honey in the cup – add hot water.  This tonic will help soothe your throat and I always feel better when I drink it.
  • NeoLife supplements I use – Provitality which includes salmon oil, carotenoid complex and grain oils; Vitamin C; protein in my smoothie; Resp X; Stress packs.  
Back to mindset from last week…  The blessings from feeling under the weather were huge for me. 
  • I stopped and listened to my body – I had been pushing too hard and burning the candle at both ends for too long.  I love Sunday afternoons to rest and turn off all technology.  I may not even turn my computer on all day.
  • I learned how to quickly lower blood pressure – I had taken an over the counter cold medicine for 3 days and it reacted badly with my body.  I’ll talk about heart and immune system another time.
  • I did NOT even want sugar of any kind.  This is typically not an issue for me, but had become a bad habit.  Coffee and a homemade baked good is a treat for me, but not to overdo it.  This habit is done.

I am still enjoying homemade soup, tea, and quiet time.  

How do you handle being sick?  Do you know how to recover and take care of yourself?  Do you look for the blessing as you are blowing your nose and curling up with a blanket?

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