How do you pack your cooler for a road trip?  One of the most challenging parts of traveling for me is eating healthy.  When I make the effort to pack with thought I feel so much better on the journey.

Eating healthy on a road trip

Let’s get started!

  1. Smoothie – I make 2 servings of my favorite smoothie (recipe below) and put into a jar that I can throw away.  I drink some in the afternoon for a quick pick me up when I stop for gas.  The rest is for breakfast the next morning.
  2. Apple & green pepper slices, carrot & celery sticks, grapes, and even steamed beets.  I bring extra apples that I slice during my trip so I have enough for every day.   
  3. Greek yogurt cups are included (my belly likes these even though I eat very little dairy).  I may buy more during my trip.
  4. Protein balls are a must and so easy to pack.  I can bring plenty for the entire trip.  This time I included balls from the Spring Cleanse program.  I had chocolate and lemon, both with added protein powder for energy and to stabilize blood sugar.
  5. I made a kale & quinoa salad, enough for 3 servings and put in a container that could be thrown away.  My cooler emptied out as I finished foods during the week.
  6. I also include NeoLife Fruit & Fiber Bars.
  7. Perrier water and Snapple ice tea to keep me from buying soda.
  8. I typically bring 2 pieces of the wrapped Dove dark chocolates and maybe even a couple caramel bites.  Knowing they are available helps me avoid Mounds or Milky Way Dark at the truck stops.
  9. AND 1 peanut butter & jelly sandwich for the beginning of the trip.  I rarely eat these, but they are satisfying and a treat for me when I take off for a 12 hour drive from Montana to Minnesota.

When I pack with thought and care, I have energy, clarity, and my digestion works well.  If I DON’T pack the good stuff and I eat fast foods on the go, I am lethargic, can’t think clearly, and feel constipated.

The one thing I definitely forgot on this trip was sunscreen.  I spent a full day at my sister’s horse show competition and I just soaked up the warm sunshine.  Yup, I got burned.  So what did I do about that?  I put NeoLife Green all over the burned areas and it healed very quickly.  Pain was gone and no peeling.  🙂

What do you include on a road trip?  For a day or a week?  It’s fun to pack a picnic basket and eating healthy is always a treat.  

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Coach Peggy