How Do I Eat Fair Food & Avoid the Toxins?
It’s that time of year when most county fairs are going on and all that “fair food” is so very tempting.  Is it OK to indulge once a year on all the deep fried, sugar coated, high calorie, non nutritional foods?   
And to top it off, are you struggling with a few extra pounds that you can’t seem to lose? First, allow me to share a bit about toxins and then I will give you a few tips.
Processed foods are loaded with chemicals, and consuming them can cause a gastrointestinal disruption which in turn leads to bloating, insulin resistance and weight gain.  The long term effect of eating processed foods can lead to heart disease, diabetes, cancer and obesity.  Why risk it?  AND you simply do not feel good.

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5 Tips for Eating Fair Food:

  1. Don’t go hungry!  It’s the same concept as grocery shopping.  If you are hungry, you are more likely to overindulge on junk food.  Eat some fruit, drink some water, or have a protein ball before you enter the fair grounds.
  2. Plan ahead what you really want to eat.  Will it be a meal or a snack?  How long will you spend at the fair?  An hour or several hours?  How much food would you normally eat during this span of time?  I was very hungry after a long day of sitting in a conference and my lunch bag was empty.  I hadn’t planned to be at the fair, yet I had to pop in for a couple hours.  What did I do?  I ate chicken on a skewer.  No deep frying or breading.  Just special sauce (probably had some sugar in it) and cooked on the grill.  It was tasty and satisfying.  Very few toxins and easy to digest.
  3.  What is your favorite treat at the fair that you really look forward to?  Do you have that 1 thing that says FAIR to you?  For me, that is an Elephant Ear.  That is what this special fry bread delicacy is called in Minnesota.  In Montana it’s called a number of things and sometimes, simply fry bread.  Have that special treat and plan for it.  I am sure to avoid anything else with sugar that day.  I will enjoy every morsel of that tasty treat that brings back lots of memories for me.
  4. Drink lots of water before going to the fair, carry a bottle with you, AND drink lots of water with lemon and apple cider vinegar afterwards to cleanse your digestion.  Make a smoothie with greens to move the toxins through your digestion and flush it out.  
  5. Move your body!  Get some exercise.  Whatever you like to do and at least walk.  Your body will be happy and you’ll feel so much better.
  6. Bonus!  Enjoy the fair guilt free!  Learn to indulge with control, on occasion, and truly enjoy it.  I know I will.  The fair is in our town this week, and I will indulge just once as I do every year.  🙂

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Coach Peggy