Bring Gratitude & Joy to Dinner

I host most of our holiday meals and I am frequently asked “what should I bring?”.  I love to cook, bake and serve others; yet I appreciate when I’m offered a helping hand with the meal.  It’s always fun to enjoy other’s cooking.  

My very favorite contributions are gratitude and joy.   The energy in the room is positive and cooperation is bubbling over. 

Have you been in gatherings where there is laughter and love?  It is the best!  
Have you been in gatherings where conflict and negativity is prevalent?  It is no fun at all!  

It’s a beautiful season filled with grace, unconditional love, and peace.  When we choose to enjoy another unconditionally, we ignite a powerful and positive chain reaction in that relationship.

My prayer and wish for each of us is that we are surrounded by more positive energy, love and gratitude as we move through the holidays.

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