How well do you welcome change in your life?  
It is a challenge for me sometimes.
  I’m a work in progress on this point.  Everyone in my family knows I like things to be “normal”.  So, what is normal?  Is normal status quo?  Always the same?  That seems boring even to me.  We need change for new life to sprout.  
Some of you know it was time to put my daughter’s dog, Toby, to rest recently.  It was a difficult decision and heartbreaking for everyone.  I became Toby’s retirement caregiver for the last several months and watched him let us know he was ready to be free of his aging body.  As I was meditating with Deepak & Oprah (I love their occasional free meditation series), I was teary and missing Toby.  I remembered taking this picture of my grandson and Toby the week before Toby left us.  Youth and elderly at rest together.  The circle of life includes birth and death, living and dying.  
God put Toby in my daughter’s life at the perfect moment, providing joy and unconditional love to her and our entire family.  God also put her son in her life at the perfect time, giving love and life to everyone who has the joy of meeting him.  
I suggest we embrace all life has to offer us.  Live life with gusto, accepting challenges knowing there is always a lesson there, and appreciating blessings and sharing them freely.  
  • Make a simple change in your daily routine – it might be the route you drive home from work each day, the time you do your workout, or what you eat for breakfast
  • Consider a viewpoint that you completely disagree with and look for a nugget you find almost agreeable
  • Write a handwritten note instead of an email or text message if it has been a long time since you wrote anything