5 Tips to Keep it Together This Week
1.  Take a look at your “To Do” list for the week.  Prioritize the top 3 things per day that you really need to get done.  Let go of what doesn’t make the top 3.
2.  Recruit some help with the things that you must get done.  Ask for help with the gift wrapping and shopping.
3.  Let the deli make that salad or guacamole dip this year.  Costco makes fabulous cookie and veggie trays.  These little things can have a big impact if you are stressed for time.
4.  Reserve 5 minutes for yourself to stop, breathe deeply, and stretch.  Your muscles will relax and your mind will refocus on what comes next in your day.
5.  Smile at everyone you meet.  It might be the only smile they have been given that day.  Laugh at the blunders and strike up a conversation with someone standing in line with you to pay for your purchase.