5 Steps to Get What You Want With Ease

Do you find it difficult to get what you want?
Do you feel it is selfish to “want” something?
Do you feel good when you get what you want?
Do you suffer while you wait for what you want?


Process to get what you want with ease:

1.  Give yourself permission to “want”.  Think about that a moment.  Very little would ever get accomplished if we didn’t passionately want something.  Penicillin and electricity are two things “wanted” by their inventors. 

2.  Focus on desires with positive thoughts.  You become what you think about most.  We attract what we think about.  If your thoughts are “I can’t ever do/have that”; you’re probably right.  

3.  Set your intention – take action.  If you want to lose weight, go shopping for some healthy foods and ditch the sugar.  Make a plan or recruit the help you need to create your step by step action plan.

4.  Letting go – that is the hardest thing for most people to do.  Clinging tightly to a specific outcome is where the suffering happens.  After you give yourself permission to desire, focus on positive thoughts, take action; you have now set yourself up for success.  
Then it’s time to LET GO!  That is the simple difficult thing.

5.  Pay attention to coincidences.  Be alert to opportunities that present themselves to you in obvious or subtle ways. 
If you desire a new car and decide to sell your old one, let go of the outcome.  Do your research, think positively, and pay attention.  If someone offers you full price for your old car – that’s a good opportunity to move on to your desired new car.  

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Coach Peggy