3 Tips to Surviving a Summer Celebration

Are you planning a picnic with friends?  Maybe grilling at home?  Or maybe taking in the parades and festivities?  

You can have fun and eat your favorite summer foods, even if you are committed to clean eating and watching your weight.

I like to fit in time for a cardio workout just to get the blood flowing and boost my endorphins.  I’m ready for fun!  

Infused water

3 Tips to Surviving a Summer Celebration

1.  Start your day with a healthy breakfast.  Mine is always a smoothie.  Remember the greens for fiber which aids in digestion.  
2.  Drink infused water or an iced herbal tea.  Even if you indulge in burgers and beer, your belly will be happy.  Alternate your indulgences with water or tea.
3.  Whether you go out or stay home, prepare your favorite healthy salad.  Eat whatever else you like in moderation and eat more of your salad to complete your meal.
4.  Bonus tip:  If you indulge and feel bloated and sluggish that evening or the next morning, drink lots of my lemon water elixir to help your gut rebalance and flush out the yuck.

My Age Defying Summer Reset Program is awesome!  You’ll lose weight, have more energy, and feel super duper!  

Coach Peggy