What are Probiotics?                
The word “probiotic” literally means ” for life”.  
A probiotic is a specific type of bacteria or yeast that has specific effects on the human body and is able to compete with disease-causing bacteria and reproduce in our intestinal tract.
The benefits of probiotics are many:
  • Digestion – assists with the production of digestive enzymes; aids in the absorption of minerals maximizing nutritional value; preventing diarrhea due to antibiotic use; preventing constipation
  • Immune System – antitumor properties in test research; reduce occurrence of infections and diseases; alleviating food allergy symptoms in infants
  • Detoxification & Colon Health – keep the pipes clean
  • Heart Health – probiotics may lower LDL
  • Weight Loss – Studies show balancing intestinal microbiota in women helps maintain a healthy weight
  • Oral Health – helps prevent bad breath

 Probiotics at Work               
1.  Immunity:  
  • Prevent & treat diarrhea from antibiotics
  • Prevent infection by producing antibiotic substances
  • Prevent & control vaginal yeast & bladder infection
  • Protect & modulate autoimmune diseases

2.  Digestion:

  • Digest lactose
  • Digest proteins to free amino acids
  • Manufacture B vitamins & K; increase absorption of minerals
  • Balance intestinal PH
  • Regulate peristalsis and improve diarrhea, constipation, IBS
  • Reduce intestinal inflammation
  • Protect gums and teeth

3.  Metabolic:

  • Break down and rebuild hormones
  • Promote healthy metabolism and weight
  • Reduce blood ammonia levels in people with cirrhosis and liver disease