Avoiding grains in your diet is a pretty difficult thing to do because it is in so many food items and prepared dinners that you can buy in the store. Ditching grains from your diet is also a relatively ‘new’ concept because there really was never a whole lot of research done on how grains affect your body. It still remains a very complex issue.

When I talk to people about how removing grains from my diet has helped me and my overall health, I generally get a response like ‘I love bread!’ or ‘I love pasta!’ But, what most people don’t know, is for almost everything that contains grains, there are much more healthier substitutes that share the same consistency and can be used in their favorite meals.

To clarify what constitutes as a grain, these are the most common grains found in food today: wheat, rice, corn, oats, rye, barley, couscous, buckwheat, and quinoa. Here are 5 reasons you should remove grains from your diet:

1. Lowers inflammation: Inflammations shows itself in the body in many ways, so even if you think this doesn’t affect you, chances are you are wrong. Inflammation includes any issues with bloating, acne, and arthritis. Most other diseases have inflammation as a common symptom.

2. Consuming grains makes it harder to lose weight: Grains actually contribute to weight gain, not only make it harder to lose weight. Grains are dense with calories without much nutritional value which usually leads to overeating. Of course, it is not just grains that contribute to unhealthy weight and obesity, but grains make it much easier.


3. Not digestive friendly: Even if you are not allergic to grains, they can still cause problems for your digestive system. Grain encourage the growth of unhealthy bacteria in your gut creating an imbalance. Our bodies are also not designed to process grains well, and some grains can tear the intestinal walls.


4. Skin and dental health: Poor skin and dental health are associated with the consumption of grains. As stated earlier, acne is a form of inflammation caused by higher insulin levels which produces more oil on the face. Just as grain promote bad bacteria growth in your gut, it does the same for your teeth.


5. Blood sugar imbalance: Consuming grains can actually make you feel more hungry because grains are composed of primarily carbohydrates that create a spike in blood sugar which means it has to bottom out eventually make you feel cravings and more hungry later on.