Here are my top 5 benefits you get from staying healthy and fit:Benefit #1: Living Longer and Thriving

There is no need for me to tell you that life on this earth is short. We all have things we want to accomplish and do while we are here, and studies have found that people who eat healthy, regularly exercise , avoid smoking, and consume alcohol only in moderation can add an additional 14 years to their life expectancy!

Now, this really doesn’t mean anything if you make it to 90 or 100 years old and you are confined to your bed and not able to enjoy the life you have.

You want to be able to blow out your birthday candles and cut a rug celebrating your amazing life!

Benefit #2: Increased Energy

It’s funny that people make up the excuse that they are too tired to work out, because exercising actually gives you more energy! Or maybe you are too tired to eat a healthy meal, but that will give you more energy as well!

Eating well and exercising triggers ‘feel-good’ endorphins in your body that makes you feel happier and bumps up your energy levels.

Benefit #3: Protects You Against Diseases and Illnesses

This world is plagued with unwanted colds, viruses, and bacteria. The best way to help your body combat these diseases and illnesses is to eat healthy and exercise.

When you eat healthy and exercise, you are supporting your immune system which fights off these infections.
Studies have also shown that treating your body well drastically lowers your risk for cancer.

Benefit #4: Better Mental Health

Your brain is connected to every aspect of your being. If you are treating your body well, your brain is going to benefit and function optimally.

We have already discussed how eat well and exercising boosts your mood and energy levels, but it also reduces depression and improves the sleep you get as well.

Benefit #5: Bone Health

Let’s be honest, the bones are the bricks of our body. If we are not making sure our bones are getting everything they need, we will literally crumble.

Regularly exercising and eating a balanced diet helps prevent osteoporosis and keeping your bones strong and healthy.