5 Quick & Simple Breakfasts

Do you skip breakfast because you are too busy, have no time to prepare, on the go, or simple don’t like to eat first thing in the morning?  

I have some ideas for you that you’re going to love.  Quick & simple is my strategy for the meal that is meant to “break the fast”.  Ideally, you will have not eaten for 12 hours (giving your digestive system a rest) and your body needs nourishment.

1.  Smoothie – My favorite breakfast!  I have shared many recipes over the years and check out my Facebook page for more.  Basics:  coconut water or almond milk; kale or spinach; berries; banana or avocado.  Add chia, flax, cinnamon, turneric or other superfoods for a power boost.  Make extra and bring along for an afternoon pick me up.

2.  Chia Breakfast Bowl – Non dairy milk, chia seeds, berries, spices.  Yum!  Make ahead and have breakfast for 2-3 mornings.  Chia seeds contain omega 3s, protein and fiber.

3.  Oatmeal – Add raisins, peaches, strawberries, pumpkin, cinnamon, nutmeg, or honey.  You have so many options for add ins and an easy make ahead breakfast.  

4.  Eggs – Hard boiled eggs are a quick make ahead meal.  Gluten free toast (Ezekial bread), sliced egg & avocado.  Protein and healthy fat to start the day.

5.  Yogurt – I like Greek yogurt, homemade granola, berries, honey & cinnamon for lunch or breakfast.

Try a new breakfast option this week and notice how your body feels.  Make it a great day!

Tips: I am here to coach and support you on a life changing journey that begins with simple steps.   
berry yogurt

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