15 Day Clean Eating Reset – Winter


Get Ready to Reset this Winter…

The Winter Clean Eating Reset is your secret weapon against fatigue, illness, and weight gain so you can look and feel incredible!



The Winter Clean Eating Reset is your secret weapon against fatigue, illness, and weight gain so you can look and feel incredible!

It seems like every winter is the same. There’s the rush and chaos of the holidays – too much rich food, too much stress, not enough sleep, means your body is working overtime, and by the time January comes around, you look and feel completely rundown. You’re carrying extra weight, your skin is dull and dry, you’re battling an endless cold, and you just want to curl up in bed until spring arrives.

You don’t have to wait until spring to experience renewal and rejuvenation! After all, it’s not the cold weather that’s making you sick, zapping your energy, and causing you to hold on to extra weight – it’s the toxins that come from poor diet and stress!

Reset Your Body Today!

Imagine what this winter could be like if you were able to strengthen your immune system, heal your overworked adrenals, and reset your health…

  • No more constant sniffles, colds, and stomach bugs!
  • Not having to rely on lotions and creams to replenish your dry flaky skin!
  • Having energy to bundle up and go for a walk in the crisp air!
  • Enjoying a lean body well before you have to worry about swimsuit shopping!
  • Being free of the winter “blahs” and feeling as good in January as you do in June!

I know you probably dread the winter.  Winter brings illness, weight gain, dry skin and hair, aching joints, and just an on-going feeling of blah.  Every year seems to get a little worse too – the cold lasts a little longer, the aches and pains get a little worse, you look older and more worn down, your digestive problems are more frequent.  Doing anything beyond going to work and running only the most essential errands feels like more trouble than it’s worth, and you’d rather just lay in bed or crash out on the couch with a blanket as much as you can.

I want you to know you’re not alone. 

These struggles – weight gain, illness, depression, and exhaustion, are so common during the winter. You’re staying inside more, not getting exercise or even fresh air – the holiday meals, comfort foods, and promotional treats tempt you into snacking and unhealthy eating, meaning your body is deprived of the nutrition it needs to support your health. Without the nourishment your body needs, all of these symptoms and problems that come with a weak adrenal system and poor immune health – weight gain, exhaustion, depression or anxiety, dry skin, and digestive problems – get worse and worse. By the time spring comes back, you’re having to fight harder to join the world again and come out of your fog.

Go Grain Free for Amazing Health

I created the Winter Clean Eating Reset to so you can rid your body of the toxins left by excess stress and a diet filled with unhealthy, unnatural foods, so you can ditch the extra weight, replenish your skin and hair, reset your health, and experience incredible energy and vibrancy in just TWO WEEKS!!

  • Ditch the stress, junk food and processed stuff that is causing a buildup of toxicity that leaves you feeling exhausted, bloated, and sick
  • Enjoy foods that are not only loaded with nutrition, but that are also delicious, comforting, and nourishing
  • Revitalize your immune system, replenish your energy and rebuild your gut biome
  • Cleanse your body of all the toxins and feel vibrant, joyful, confident, and rejuvenated!



This Reset was AMAZING! Any diet or detox I’ve ever tried left me feeling hungry, deprived, shaky, and BORED! I wasn’t hungry at all, I felt satisfied AND I even had more energy and lost weight! Thank you!
-Happy Client

Thank you SO MUCH for this amazing Clean Eating program!  Everything was DELISH! It was super simple to follow, and I was still able to do it even during my busy life! You are amazing! And, I’m down 5 lbs!
-Happy Client

I feel INCREDIBLE! My stomach is flatter, I lost a few inches, and I have so much energy! I feel like I got a complete body overhaul! I couldn’t have done this without your delicious recipes, guidance, and support! Thank you, thank you!
-Happy Client


Note: It is important to consult your physician before beginning any new diet or exercise program. This is a clean-eating program designed to teach you the difference between foods that cause inflammation and foods that fuel you. These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.