Hi, I’m Peggy Ennenga, holistic health & lifestyle coach. 

My mission is to help you feel ageless and be ageless. 

What do I mean by that?  I truly believe that every food and lifestyle choice we make has a direct impact on the quality of our lives.  Our food and lifestyle choices are meant to nourish our body and lives.

As your health coach, I teach you what foods are right for your body at THIS age of your life, and how to make lifestyle choices right for you.  We are used to the old “eat this, don’t eat that” and then comes MORE information and it’s all overwhelming and conflicting.  Each age and season of life comes with a new set of rules and guidelines.


I’m here to help you sort it out and have fun at the same time.


Does this sound familiar:

  • Tired of the diet roller coaster, never maintaining your ideal weight?
  • Too busy to shop for healthy foods so you grab junk food from vending machines?
  • Not finding time for exercise or other self care activities?
  • Tired all the time and just can’t think clearly?
  • Just want to be told the 5 best foods to eat or the 5 foods to avoid?
  • Do you feel hopeless that you just can’t lose that belly bloat and extra weight?
  • Why bother because you don’t have the willpower to stick with a plan?

Your healthy, beautiful body awaits you…

I’ve got to tell you a secret:  all the energy crashes, incessant cravings, stubborn unwanted pounds, emotional ups and downs, and digestion mayhem… can all be forgotten once you discover how your body clicks with the right food. 


I will support and guide you every step of the way by meeting you right where you are, listen compassionately to your struggles and develop a plan just for you.

  • Know just what are the best foods to nourish your unique body
  • Keep it simple so you can focus on things you are passionate about
  • Let go of the extra weight and belly bloat so you feel like saying yes to invitations
  • Have lots of energy, glowing skin and strong immune system
  • Kick those sugar cravings for good

3 Options to Work with Me: 



Seasonal Clean Eating Reset

21 Days – $97 or $147 for 2 
Starts anytime for DIY

What you get:

  • Recipe Guide 45-65 recipes each season  – simple, tasty, healthy foods that support your immune system & healthy gut
  • Two weeks of suggested meals plus shopping list – guided meal plan to take away the guesswork
  • Food Diary – track what you eat and how you are feeling
  • Facebook group access – community support, you are not alone
  • Private access – 1:1 discussions with me via message and email; also a 30 minute session with me to support and guide you through this journey
  • Bonuses – 2 handouts each season

Restore Your Life with Zest

3 month group program – $295
Starts January & April & September

What you get:

  • Everything in the Seasonal Clean Eating Reset
  • Step by step guidance including workbooks to support a holistic approach to achieve your personal goals, including fitness, relationships and self care
  • Additional 1:1 session with me for a total of two 30 minute sessions
  • Bonuses – 2 additional handouts

Revitalize Your Life with Panache’ & Peace

Individual Customized 3 month program – $1295
Contact me for available openings

What you get:

  • Everything in the Seasonal Clean Eating Reset AND Restore Your Life with Zest
  • Individual program designed for your needs
  • 6 total individual sessions 45 minutes each
  • Complimentary NeoLife membership for 15% savings
  • Bonuses – customized to the program



I could not have done this without your support.  I have gained and lost a lot of weight twice and have tried other diets.  When I work with you I feel great and at peace.  My skin and hair are healthier, I have more energy and am not stressed about food.  I really needed and trust you.

I have lost 7 lbs in a week!  That is amazing!  I have more energy and feel great!

My whole relationship with food is changed.  There is more life in my food.  You are brilliant!  You have a way of listening intuitively and knowing what I need to hear or do next.  This has been life changing for me.

My whole life is different.  My relationship with my husband is transformed because I like myself now.

My bones are stronger now and I was told osteopenia could not be reversed.  I learned the foods that nourish my body and I feel fabulous!